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Fine Dining the Burgundy Way

30 June, 2022

A genie came out of a lamp and said: ‘I am going to whisk you to Burgundy where you will be allowed to choose one dish, one single dish, that you have had before in a restaurant there. You have …

Barolo’s Forgotten Vintages

30 June, 2022

If you ask a winemaker to choose a favourite vintage, you’ll likely receive a wry smile and an evasive answer. Each vintage is special, the winemaker will say, and I love them all equally, just like my children. And yet …

A Hampshire Hatrick

23 June, 2022

Hampshire is a thriving hub of English wine, particularly of sparkling wine, as a recent tasting illustrated. This had become an annual event, until Covid intervened, with nine wineries taking part: Black Chalk, Cottonworth, Danebury Vineyards, Exton Park, The Grange, …

Books for wine lovers
by those in the know

“The books that taught me about wine were about places and people. It’s the history and stories about a wine that bring it to life and make it worth talking about.”

– Steven Spurrier

Taking our lead from Steven, our aim at the Académie du Vin Library is to bring you the very best wine writing of the past, the present and the future. Some of our books are undisputed classics – refreshed for today’s reader but without losing any of the charm, or wisdom, of a more innocent time. Our new titles are, we believe, destined to become the classics of the future: easy to read, easy on the eye, and all with something new and important to say.

We like to think of ourselves not just as publishers and booksellers, but as a community of wine lovers, united by a passion for learning more about what makes the wine world so special. We hope you will join us. Happy reading!

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