Steven’s July update

Steven Spurrier - It’s been a busy month. Our commemorative edition of Michael Broadbent’s seminal Wine Tasting continues to draw praise and we will be launching Sherry – Maligned, Misunderstood, Magnificent! by Ben Howkins in September. This month, when people’s minds have been on Wimbledon, Britain’s choice of a Prime Minister or getting ready for the holidays, on […] Read more >>

10 Great Wine Families: Book Launch and Tasting

Académie du Vin Library - A very special gathering of consumers and trade was held at Berry Brothers & Rudd in St James’, London, on the 10th July, to celebrate the launch of 10 Great Wine Families – A tour through Europe by Master of Wine Fiona Morrison. In the second title from the Académie du Vin Library, still hot […] Read more >>


Susan Keevil - I’ve been Lebanized. I’m not driving the streets of Henley like a Beiruti taxi-driver (a sure way to instant license loss now I’m back here in the UK) but I’ve become a total convert to this country’s array of food – and the wines that almost miraculously match it. For me, the most startling combo […] Read more >>


Fiona Morrison MW - It is June and the vineyard floor is strewn with wild flowers, clover, dandelions, rabbit ears.  The smell as I bend down to inspect the flowers that are forming on the tiny green buds, is that of early summer; green, certainly, with aromas of blossom, a touch of honey, a touch of herbal bitterness and […] Read more >>


Ben Howkins - I may look calm, but I am really totally absorbed by the heat and beat of this stunning Flamenco performance at a private caseta. It is the 2019 annual Feria del Caballo in Jerez, and it is May. Flamenco is Andalucia. Any region that can give birth to such deep, yet joyful music deserves to […] Read more >>

About Académie Du Vin Library

Steven Spurrier - Why the Academie du Vin Library? To re-publish and re-create the ‘literature’ of wine. Today much wine writing is reduced to tasting notes and scores, while technical information and prices can be found on the web. The books that taught me about wine in the 1960s were based on Places and People more than the […] Read more >>

A Cry from the Heart – Of Andalusia

Martin Preston - Académie du Vin Library friend Jancis Robinson has recently posted an excellent article on her website asking ‘What is to be done about Sherry’? What indeed. Spain’s finest wine has been in the doldrums for the last 30 years, especially in the UK, where its associations with net curtains, vicarage tea parties and drafty senior […] Read more >>

Steven Spurrier: Spreading the Word

Steven Spurrier - After the stupendous launch of Wine Tasting at the Vintners’ Hall last week – an event that will go down in the annals of the Livery Hall’s 650-year history – it is now time to spread the word about the Académie du Vin Library and Michael Broadbent’s book in particular. Fortunately, I am on the road […] Read more >>

Family Business

Martin Preston - At 67 Pall Mall yesterday with Simon (Publisher), Matthew (Sales & Marketing) and Susan (Editor) for a meeting with 10 Great Wine Families author Fiona Morrison MW, who had just jetted in from Vietnam but was certainly none the worse for wear. For those of you who don’t know her (in the wine world, that’s […] Read more >>

Party On!

Martin Preston - We were all very nervous. The weather had suddenly warmed up (thank goodness) but it was a Tuesday night and the traffic was as bad as ever. Supposing we held a party and nobody came? Or worse, they came, saw, had a quick drink and left?  We needn’t have worried. The launch party of the […] Read more >>