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A Cry from the Heart – Of Andalusia

Martin Preston - Académie du Vin Library friend Jancis Robinson has recently posted an excellent article on her website asking ‘What is to be done about Sherry’? What indeed. Spain’s finest wine has been in the doldrums for the last 30 years, especially in the UK, where its associations with net curtains, vicarage tea parties and drafty senior […] Read more >>

Steven Spurrier: Spreading the Word

Steven Spurrier - After the stupendous launch of Wine Tasting at the Vintners’ Hall last week – an event that will go down in the annals of the Livery Hall’s 650-year history – it is now time to spread the word about the Académie du Vin Library and Michael Broadbent’s book in particular. Fortunately, I am on the road […] Read more >>

Family Business

Martin Preston - At 67 Pall Mall yesterday with Simon (Publisher), Matthew (Sales & Marketing) and Susan (Editor) for a meeting with 10 Great Wine Families author Fiona Morrison MW, who had just jetted in from Vietnam but was certainly none the worse for wear. For those of you who don’t know her (in the wine world, that’s […] Read more >>

Party On!

Martin Preston - We were all very nervous. The weather had suddenly warmed up (thank goodness) but it was a Tuesday night and the traffic was as bad as ever. Supposing we held a party and nobody came? Or worse, they came, saw, had a quick drink and left?  We needn’t have worried. The launch party of the […] Read more >>

Magic Monniker

Martin Preston - Michael Broadbent’s son Bollew posted this snap of Michael (immaculately dressed as always) signing a copy of Wine Tasting for his daughter Emma. But Michael will be flouting publishing convention by not signing copies tomorrow night at the official launch at Vintners’ Hall. He’d far rather spend his time enjoying himself talking to the other 180-odd […] Read more >>

Winners in Virginia

Steven Spurrier - Late January found me in Washington DC at Master of Wine Jay Youmans’ Washington Wine School, invited for my fourth year as a judge for the Governor’s Cup. The three previous tastings had been held at the splendid Jefferson Hotel in Richmond VA, with optional visits to wineries in nearby Charlottesville, but this time the […] Read more >>

Brought to Book!

Martin Preston - In the 5th floor café at Waterstones, Piccadilly yesterday for a meeting on our Sherry book with the delightful Ben Howkins – always a pleasure – and Susan, our wonderful editor. For those of you who don’t already know, it’s the place to go for a meeting in central London: friendly staff, stylish surroundings and comfy […] Read more >>

It’s a Dog’s Life!

We don’t know what they’re feeding them over there in Virginia – but if Michael Broadbent’s son Bollew’s golden retrievers are anything to go by, the world of gourmet dog food is about to to take a step up. I’m not sure that’s quite what Michael had in mind when he wrote Wine Tasting, but […] Read more >>

One Glass to Rule them All?

Martin Preston - You’ve probably noticed the elegant Zalto wine glasses dotted around our website – for some time, the connoisseur’s glasses of choice. But Académie du Vin Library friend Jancis Robinson has pointed out that Zalto now faces stiff competition – in the shape of a single wine glass, designed to suit any occasion and any wine. […] Read more >>

Tastes of Romania

Steven Spurrier - The last weekend in March found me flying from Luton to Cluj Napoca on WhizzAir to attend a wine fair that was held in the National Art Gallery on the city’s centre square and to give a Masterclass on the 10 wines that had impressed me most. Romania occupies the same latitude as France and […] Read more >>

Hot off the Press – and much Appreciated

Simon McMurtrie - Académie du Vin Library Publisher Simon McMurtrie and his wife Emma present Michael Broadbent with the first advanced copy of the Commemorative Edition of Michael’s book Wine Tasting at his flat in London. “It’s hard to find the words to express the absolute joy on Michael’s face as Emma and I visited him and his […] Read more >>