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Image of Fleurie

Climate change solutions will be tough sell

21 September, 2023

Wine regions around the world are finding new ways to protect their future in a heating world. But it’s easier to find a drought-resistant grape variety than it is to sell it to both producers and wine-loving public, argues Natasha …

Image of Grenache

Grenache: blood, fire and juicy sweetness

14 September, 2023

This International Grenache Day, we share an essay from Andrew Jefford’s book Drinking with the Valkyries that reveals a lesser-known wine region of Sardinia where Grenache goes by the name of Cannonau. The island’s exuberant wine, with its dark fruit, …

Image of seafood

Humble Picpoul de Pinet steals the show

11 September, 2023

It fits its landscape and the local cuisine so perfectly that you’d think it had been there forever. But, as Henry Jeffreys reports, we’ve only recently come to love the ‘squeeze of grapefruit and saline tang’ of the humble Picpoul

Image of Burgundy

Burgundy in the face of climate change: Was no-one listening?

4 September, 2023

Climate change is forcing Burgundians to reassess the way they grow grapes as well as how they ferment and age them. In this extract from his chapter ‘Burgundy in the face of climate change’ in the just-published On Burgundy, Tim …

Winemaking depicted at the Tomb of Ipuy

Is Wine a liquid mirror to our culture?

31 August, 2023

From the Ancient Egyptians to hip hop to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, wine is connected to our culture in myriad different ways – and that’s something to celebrate, argues Amelia Singer

Image of Libby Brodie and Jose Miguel Garcia

Almeria’s ‘impossible’ wines born under the desert sun

30 August, 2023

Fuelled by passion and sheer force of character, a brilliant entrepreneur, José Miguel Garcia is breathing life into an ancient wine tradition in the parched south of Spain

Image of Vines overlooking the sea at Ojo de Ibiza

Party on: Ibiza wines are rocking again

25 August, 2023

For decades it’s been known as the world’s greatest party island, but Ibiza’s wine scene pre-dates the clubs by more than 2000 years

Creating art from cracked glass and from old, neglected vines

How a glass sculptor revived Cinsault on Cyprus

23 August, 2023

A beautiful but neglected Cinsault vineyard inspired a returning Cypriot to not only create a wine but to adorn it with his art

Image of the vineyards of the Côte d'Or

Happy National Pinot Noir Day!

18 August, 2023

Today is National Pinot Noir Day, when lovers of the world’s most temperamental grape celebrate its elusive charms, whether from Burgundy, Oregon or south of England.

Riding the wave of wine education

8 August, 2023

Every year more and more adults enrol into the hundreds of wine study programmes that are on offer. Are these wine enthusiasts, professionals furthering their careers, or is there a growing crop of consumers breaking into a wine world? 

Image of Wine books

Reading room: how to build a wine library

2 August, 2023

Which are the indispensable wine books and wine websites – and how do you make time to actually read them? Our columnist Victoria Moore turns over a new leaf

Image of old bobal bush vine

Bobal: the reigning queen of Utiel-Requena

2 August, 2023

Discover the offbeat charm of ‘Tierra Bobal’, where ancient clay jars and quirky reds take centre stage, turning the once-boring grape into a delightful surprise.