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Image of wine and cheese pairing

How cheese and wine are linked in tradition, heritage and artisan complexity

29 March, 2023

There is no more classic pairing than wine and cheese – but what makes these two quite different products such ageless companions? Is it their capacity to reflect their origins with each mouthful, or is it that their histories, both …

Image of From Bordeaux to the Stars

Star-struck: Académie du Vin Library celebrates its 20th title, From Bordeaux to the Stars by Jean-Michel Cazes

24 March, 2023

I might just have the best job possible. I get to work with amazing colleagues and many of the most talented wine writers in the world. I go to very interesting wine tastings, where I get to meet fascinating people. …

Celebrating Lynch-Bages

15 March, 2023

The wine dinner, three months in the planning, was a resounding success. It was held in a private venue in Dublin, with a chef engaged specifically to compose a menu to match the wines. Book-ended by champagne and Sauternes, with …

Image of Diana Snowden Seysses

Women in Wine

6 March, 2023

The title is cringeworthy for most of us women who work in wine. After all, in 2023, why should this be a special subject? The very fact that women are still singled out as a topic for discussion shows that …

Image of wine women in Kent

Celebrating Women in the Wine World on International Women’s Day

6 March, 2023

In July 2020, I had the idea of every week featuring a woman who loved wine on my Instagram page. They would work in wine, study wine or simply enthuse about wine so much that we could talk together for …

Image of Las Nubes winery in Guadalupe Valley

Mexico’s Guadalupe Valley: Behind the Headlines

3 February, 2023

Las Nubes winery in Guadalupe Valley. Photo credit: Las Nubes Bodegas ye Viñedos As wine tourism gradually resumed in 2022, an overlooked 600-year-old wine country somehow became newsworthy. Several travel articles independently announced the discovery of ‘the next Napa Valley’. They zoomed …

Georgia and Armenia: Their Future Lies in the Past…

2 February, 2023

An adventurous group of 18 friends, inspired by Louella Hanbury-Tenison, decided to explore Georgia and Armenia in October. Within the expedition were Louella’s husband, the veteran explorer, Robin Hanbury-Tenison, as well as a general and a brace of brigadiers. The …

Image of a sculpture, Reading Hare by Clare Trenchard

England’s Vineyards All a Sparkle

1 February, 2023

From the beautiful vineyards of Cornwall and Dorset to the rolling downlands of Hampshire and Sussex, Watercress, Willow and Wine by Cindy-Marie Harvey celebrates some of England’s finest wine producers and local produce.

A Thanksgiving for Steven

26 January, 2023

Thursday 19th January 2023. A crisp, cold day. Walking by the river to Vintry Ward, the City of London’s vinous heart, where wine once shared its dock with garlic. I think of Steven doing the same; he’d be riding his …

Image of Jerome Despres, régisseur of Domaine Francoise André, fights with frost to save the buds in the Corton Les Renarde

Burgundy 2021 – The Terroir Will Out

24 January, 2023

For Burgundy, 2021 was a year in danger of being remembered for all the wrong reasons. Many wine lovers will have seen the newspaper photographs of pitch-black vineyards illuminated with fires designed to stave off the de­vastating April frosts, but …

Image of Book covers: Jura wine and Wines of the French Alps

The Story of My Books: Jura Wine and Wines of the French Alps

23 January, 2023

Deciding to write a book was definitely not a marketing decision, and it was not a burning ambition either, quite the contrary. Strange to think about it now, my decision almost came about as a desperate act, following the unexpected …

A Christmas Cracker! White Châteauneuf-du-Pape is Full of Surprises…

15 December, 2022

Andrew James delves into the world of rare Châteauneuf-du-Pape white wines (new and old vintages) and gets some impressive surprises.