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Oddero Estate and Winery in the autumn

Barolo Bussia: in Praise of Balance!

24 February, 2020

Oddero Estate and Winery in the autumn The Bussia vineyard district, located mostly in the township of Monforte d’Alba, is arguably one of the five greatest sites in all of Barolo, and its wines have long enjoyed a lofty reputation. …


Montpellier Goes Green

7 February, 2020

Every year the world of organic wine descends on Montpellier in the last week of January for Millésime Bio, now the largest professional wine fair in the world. Millésime Bio started in a small way 27 years ago in Montpellier …

The world’s oldest winery found in a karst cave, named Areni-1


5 February, 2020

Area and production: Vineyard area (2018): 15,840 ha. Number of wineries/distilleries: 40 to 50. Wine production (2018): 9.7 million litres Grape varieties: 400 native varieties, 31 grown for wine and brandy. Key native varieties: Areni (Noir) aka Sev Areni, Voskehat, Haghtanak aka Akhtanak, Kangun, Kakhet, Karmrahyut, …

Noravank, a 13th-century Armenian monastery

Modern Armenia Meets the Roots of Wine

5 February, 2020

Noravank, a 13th-century Armenian monastery A decade ago, Armenian wine was barely on anyone’s radar – it was only in 2011 that Zorah winery revealed its first wines and started to show that there is something special about this country. …

Alice Feiring image

Alice Feiring and the Rise of Natural Wine

5 February, 2020

Alice Feiring The wine industry, in case you haven’t noticed, has entered a moment of reckoning. Earlier this month, Silicon Valley Bank’s Wine Division released its 19th annual State of the Wine Industry Report, an authoritative forecasting and trend-analysis guide. …


Loire: Frost and Frost Protection

30 January, 2020

Frost damage in Bourgueil April 2016 Over the last decade spring frosts in the Loire, especially in April, have unfortunately become so common that #f***legel is now a hashtag (le gel being the ice). Because of the northerly latitude of …

arial shot

Historic British Vineyards

29 January, 2020

Castle Coch in Cardiff When vineyards first became part of the rural landscape of the British Isles is not known. It is often claimed that the Romans planted vineyards, but real evidence is hard to find. In all probability vines …

Katie Jones' Carignan vineyard

The Revival of Carignan

27 January, 2020

Katie Jones’ Carignan vineyard The Languedoc has always had something of a love hate relationship with Carignan. For some it is ‘the emblematic grape variety of the south’, but for others it was Carignan, along with Alicante Bouschet and Aramon, …


Wines of Santorini – Moving into Luxury Territory?

23 January, 2020

Reputed to have some of the oldest grapevines on earth, with roots dating to over 400 years old, the island of Santorini in Greece is experiencing some changes that could propel its age worthy Assyrtiko wines into luxury price territory. …

Buckingham Palace and the Victoria memorial

Ben Howkins Takes a ‘Real’ Look at Sherry

23 January, 2020

The prefix ‘Royal’, or ‘Real’ in Spanish, assumes a certain status, especially when it refers to a sport, as in the ‘Real Madrid’ football team. The same can be said about those fortunate wine producers or wine merchants who can …

interactive display

Grenache: Australia’s True Blue Superhero?

20 January, 2020

Giles Cooke MW in Blewitt Springs Grenache Vineyard Pretty much every New World wine-producing country I can think of has a hero grape. I don’t mean that South African Chenin Blanc goes about in a Batman mask or that Argentine …

An aerial shot of Woodside in the Adelaide Hills is clearly showing the fire damage

The Lucky Country

14 January, 2020

An aerial shot of Woodside in the Adelaide Hills is clearly showing the fire damage I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizons, I …