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A Wine Cellar in Lockdown, Take Two – Memories are Made of This

26 May, 2020

Steven Spurrier makes some more lucky finds in his cellar Eric Sauter, my Académie Internationale du Vin (AIV) colleague and co-owner of Domaine Mondivin, whose superb Cabernet Franc wines I referred to last month, told me that a perfect cellar …

Ben Howkins with sherry

It’s ‘En Rama’ Time!

26 May, 2020

Hands up all those who have enjoyed a copita or two of sherry in the last 24 hours? Good. One hand up if you have a glass of fino or manzanilla in your hand now? Enjoy. Hands up all those …

Chateau Musar bottles

Never Wait for that Special Occasion

28 April, 2020

I don’t know about you, but in my wine cellar, there are certain bottles of wine that have multi scuffed back labels. These tend to be my older, finer wines. Wines that I earmark for ‘that special occasion’. They have …

Montalcino cypresses

Montalcino & Covid-19

27 April, 2020

The landscape in the far south of Montalcino. Vineyards owned by the Ciaccia Piccolomini winery. You miss most the little things when they are no longer in your gift. My early morning stroll to the village baker, so our son …

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A Wine Cellar in Lockdown

27 April, 2020

Steven Spurrier in his cellar. Photo credit: Munchies Steven Spurrier makes some lucky finds in his cellar at home Hugh Johnson was of the opinion, when all wines worth cellaring were sold in 12 bottle cases, that one opened the …

Dirk Bogard and Peter York

Eat, Drink and Be Sherry No 5

15 April, 2020

Firstly, I do hope that you and yours are safe and sound amidst this surreal turmoil in which we all find ourselves. Although this is not the time for socializing as such, it may prove to be a time of …


Time to Reflect on Provence in Times Past

1 April, 2020

I am in lockdown in my house in southeast France, and, like so many of the wine trade, unable to get out to taste and visit vineyards. So I am doing what I never have time to do, going through …

Michael Broadbent and wife

Tribute to Michael, from Simon

23 March, 2020

(From left) Simon McMurtrie, Valerie Smallwood, Michael Broadbent and Bartholomew Broadbent at the Académie du Vin Library launch party, celebrating Michael’s new book and his 92nd birthday.   When I was a young publisher at Mitchell Beazley (I was 25 …

Château d'Haurets vineyard

Breaking the Merlot-Cabernet Hegemony

23 March, 2020

Château d’Haurets vineyard. Photo credit: Jonathan Ducourt @jonathanducourt Bordeaux’s massive red vineyard is dominated by the Merlot-Cabernet axis. Of the 98,888 hectares (2018 figures) of red plantings (89% of the total AOC surface area) 66% are planted to Merlot, 22% …

Chateau Musar open book shot

Chateau Musar

23 March, 2020

‘Wine is not human life, but it is real life all the same.’ – Serge HocharChateau Musar, The Story of a Wine Icon Serge Hochar’s skills as a winemaker were legendary. He not only crafted wines under the most difficult …

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Memories of Michael Broadbent

19 March, 2020

How does one remember someone who was a role model in the wine world and a benchmark as a teacher and communicator?  Michael has been part of my life since I first met him at Christie’s in 1966, soon after …

The Harbour Family: Colleen, Madeleine, Jack and Nicholas

The Burgundian Dream…Still Flourishing

12 March, 2020

The Harbour Family: Colleen, Madeleine, Jack and Nicholas Burgundy is mecca for many wine collectors and lovers. From its rolling vineyards flow mineral-driven, ethereal wines that enchant. Understandably, this magic comes at a price. According to SAFER, the agency that …