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Pisano Brothers: Gustavo, Daniel, Eduardo

Uruguay – Small is Beautiful

13 January, 2020

Pisano Brothers: Gustavo, Daniel, Eduardo Compared to the neighbours who surround it Uruguay is tiny, almost pocket-sized, with just over three million inhabitants, half of whom live in the capital city Montevideo. Yet it has the widest river – Rio …

Viki Torres inspects Listán Blanco in Las Machuqueras

Winemaking in La Palma

3 January, 2020

Viki Torres inspects Listán Blanco in Las Machuqueras When you’re on the island of La Palma, there will be at least one moment in every day when the scenery around you strikes you dumb. I felt this even after four …

Anthony Dias Blue, Jim Harre and Steven Spurrier at the SFIWC

The San Francisco International Wine Competition

30 December, 2019

Anthony Dias Blue, Jim Harre and Steven Spurrier at the SFIWC. Photo Credit: Gerald Weisl The SFIWC is the world’s second oldest wine and spirits competition having been founded in 1980, beaten only by the International Wine & Spirits …


Wachau: Building a Drystone Wall in the Achleiten Vineyard

24 December, 2019

Wachau We look for stones that have a ‘face’. Only some of the grey rocks do and they will get pride of place in the drystone wall we are building. It is a cold but sunny day in early December, …

Yarra Vineyards

Yarra Valley – Phylloxera Has Given us a Chance

18 December, 2019

Yarra Vineyards. Photo Credit: Christine Austin Phylloxera. That word must strike fear into the hearts of all grape growers. The vineyard pest that caused devastation across Europe in the late 19th century surely causes panic in the few parts of …

Le Domaine d'Henri

Balance – A Constant Struggle

17 December, 2019

We imagine – romantically, but erroneously – that balance is a state of calm and tranquility. That while all around is hustle and bustle, balance reigns unperturbed, aloof from the clamour and din. Nothing is further than the tantalizing truth. …

At the Wine Market

Adegga – Their Innovative Wine Markets and More

13 December, 2019

Adegga Trio: André Ribeirinho, André Cid and Daniel Matos. Photo credit: Ricardo Bernardo The last Saturday in November 2019 saw the 10th anniversary event of the Adegga Wine Market that brings wine consumers and producers together in Lisbon. It’s a …

Rhone wine bottles

The Game of Rhônes

12 December, 2019

Rhône Timetable: 1974: California’s first Syrah made by Joseph Phelps from a 4-acre plot. 1978: Estrella River plants Syrah in Paso Robles 1982: Qupe produces Syrah from Santa Barbara County 1984: First Cigare Volant made by Bonny Doon, from Central …

View from Neethlingshof vineyards

Stellenbosch: Too Perfect to be Interesting?

9 December, 2019

View from Neethlingshof vineyards over Jamestown and surrounding mountains. Photo credit: Charmaine Greiger via Stellenbosch is the one Cape wine appellation that even the most amateur of wine amateurs could probably mention by name at a wine quiz. While …

Medieval sculpture of grape pruning from the Cathedral of Modena, Italy


7 December, 2019

I am writing this as a long, low ray of golden sunshine illuminates Le Pin and the russet red sarments that are still standing to attention, supported by the taut trellising wires in disciplined rows, their architecture accentuated by the …

In Vino Veritas banner


6 December, 2019

I think seeing an actual book arrive, neatly nestled in its crisp brown paper parcel, has to be one of the most exciting moments for any editor. Rip open the packaging and there it is: no longer a flat but …

sherry bottles and glass


5 December, 2019

BREAKING NEWS: after several decades of ‘A glass of white wine please,’ and ‘Would you like a glass of white wine?’, it has finally dawned on many of us that actually we are fed up with the ubiquitous offer of …