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22 October, 2019

Geography: The region has the longest coastline (800km) in Italy, with the Adriatic down its eastern coast and the Ionian Sea along the western edge of the Salento Peninsula. The Peninsula is around 60km wide, contributing to a strong maritime …

puglia old vine

The Rosés of Italy’s Salento Peninsula

21 October, 2019

Puglian rosé (rosato) has deep roots. There is even a local family name Rosato. Recognition in the wider world for the rosati of the southern part of the Salento peninsula can be traced back to 1943, when a twist of …

snake habitat

South Australia Loosens The Stays

21 October, 2019

At first glance, no one would take Steve Pannell for a member of the aristocracy. On the morning I meet him at his McLaren Vale winery, he’s wearing slightly crumpled khaki shorts, a stripey T-shirt and several days’ worth of …

Champagne Alice Paillard

A Large Reserve Brings Many Benefits

21 October, 2019

Alice Paillard ‘We have a lot to thank Jean-Claude Rouzaud for,’ says Alice Paillard. We (Alice and I) were talking about the just completed 2019 Champagne harvest and how wine growers generally seem more prepared to wait for the perfect …


God’s Work

20 October, 2019

You wait ages for irony, and then three come at once. Here’s an explanation of terroir told in a joke by a German historian. ‘An angel came down from heaven to visit a winemaker on the Mosel,’ begins Achim Ochs. …

Garden - home Leichhardt | Andrew Caillard MW

In Vino Veritas

28 September, 2019

Bringing together wine writing from across the ages for our new anthology In Vino Veritas has been a wonderfully self-indulgent way to spend my working day – work, really? I can choose between exploring the English wine bubble with Justin …



25 September, 2019

Geography : Vineyards located along the Pacific coast, on hillsides and in sunny, inland valleys. The Pacific ocean has a major role to play in the coastal regions: cool air rises from the ocean and forms mist and fog in …

Languedoc vines


25 September, 2019

[hmapsprem id=5] Geography: Large vineyard area lies on the Mediterranean coast. The region has Mediterranean climate with lots of sunshine, warm summer, mild winter and low, annual rainfall. Tramontanen (northern wind) brings cool air from the mountains. Grape varieties: Carignan, …

vines and sheep


25 September, 2019

[hmapsprem id=7] Geography: The majority of England’s vineyards are located in the south. The climate is maritime with high summer rainfall. Over the years, climate change has contributed to the success of English winemaking. Grape varieties: Chardonnay, Bacchus, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier …



25 September, 2019

Geography: Located in central Italy. The climate varies from Mediterranean on the coast to continental inland influenced by the Apennines. Wide variation in day and night temperatures. Grape varieties: Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Trebbiano Toscano, Vernaccia Significant DOCGs: Chianti, Chianti …

autumn vines with grapes

Steven’s September Update

24 September, 2019

Exactly this time last year I was lunching with Hugh Johnson and Ben Howkins at their Club in Saint James’s and was bemoaning the fact that modern wine books were either well-written but weighty reference books or buying guides with …

chianti classico 2016 wine label

Chianti: The Art of Wine

19 September, 2019

Peter Femfert, the German owner with his Venetian wife Stefania of Fattoria Nittardi, is an artist. He would not think so, for his main profession consists of running Die Galerie, Frankfurt’s leading art gallery specializing in modern painting and sculpture, …