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Any Port and Every Port

4 October, 2022

One of the highlights of my year as the port buyer at Berry Bros & Rudd in London was the twice-yearly Port Walk, a customer tasting held in Berry’s St James’s Cellars with the aim of providing an unabashed celebration …

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The Grandes Marques at War

30 September, 2022

Standing on the steps of a farmhouse north of Reims, it is easy to see why most Champenois stay here for generations. From the back door, the carefully tended fields of barley and Pinot Noir grapes are flanked by rows …

Int Cool Climate Wine Symposium 2022

10th International Cool Climate Wine Symposium (ICCWS)

30 September, 2022

After a delay of two years, the 10th International Cool Climate Wine Symposium finally got under way. Held at Brock University’s ‘Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute’ in St Catharines on the Niagara Peninsula in eastern Canada, some 300 delegates and …

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Adoring Ischia – the Island of Magic

25 August, 2022

If you are a wine lover, you can’t fail to adore the island of Ischia. How could you not love this magical site, where the finest grapes come from a vineyard (‘Vigna del Lume’) lapped by the Tyrrhenian – on …

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Black Women Winemakers Breaking Barriers in South Africa

24 August, 2022

It is almost three decades since Carmen Stevens, the first black person and ipso facto, the first black woman, graduated as a winemaker in South Africa. Today, she owns her own successful brand and her own winery – the first 100% black-owned winery in the country.

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Andrew James’s Top Crozes-Hermitage Wines

17 August, 2022

As red wine remains the focus in Crozes-Hermitage, I looked for six characterful Syrahs that show what the winemakers of this appellation are capable of achieving. In comparison with Hermitage, you may find less subtlety, minerality and precision in the …

Domaine Gilles Robin’s tasting room

Crozes-Hermitage: Out of the Shadows

17 August, 2022

On a hot, mid-May afternoon I entered Yann Chave’s cool cellar for a tasting. ‘There used to be a joke,’ he said, while uncorking a bottle, ‘that it’s easier to sell a two-person coffin than a white wine from Crozes-Hermitage.’

Oeufs en Meurette

Fine Dining the Burgundy Way

30 June, 2022

A genie came out of a lamp and said: ‘I am going to whisk you to Burgundy where you will be allowed to choose one dish, one single dish, that you have had before in a restaurant there. You have …

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Barolo’s Forgotten Vintages

30 June, 2022

If you ask a winemaker to choose a favourite vintage, you’ll likely receive a wry smile and an evasive answer. Each vintage is special, the winemaker will say, and I love them all equally, just like my children. And yet …

Exton Park

A Hampshire Hatrick

23 June, 2022

Hampshire is a thriving hub of English wine, particularly of sparkling wine, as a recent tasting illustrated. This had become an annual event, until Covid intervened, with nine wineries taking part: Black Chalk, Cottonworth, Danebury Vineyards, Exton Park, The Grange, …

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Memories of the Royal Household Wine Committee

30 May, 2022

The Royal family are not great wine lapperoos, but they certainly do their fair share of entertaining spread over their four main residences, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral and Sandringham. All wines served for lunch or dinner are carefully selected …

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Il Vino Unisce: An interview with Angelo Gaja

26 May, 2022

On a misty mid-April morning in Barbaresco, with the cobblestone streets wet and glistening, the village breathed a palpable sigh of relief. For its six hundred residents, life revolves around wine and finally, after four months of drought, the rains …