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Portugal and the Wines that Time Forgot

25 May, 2022

When Ryan Opaz and I decided around 2016 to co-author a book about Portuguese wine and winemakers, we were quickly confronted with a challenging question: why does the wine-loving world have so little appreciation of Portuguese wines?

Bordeaux Millesima Panorama 2020

Millesima ‘Panorama’ Tasting – Vintage 2020

25 May, 2022

The rain poured down… and down, yet it did nothing to dampen the spirits as I and a host of colleagues avoided the deluge in a most pleasant fashion: tasting scores of about-to-be-bottled wines from the already storied Bordeaux 2020 …

Cellar shot with Crofts 1963 - ben's?

Getting the Most out of Vintage Port

12 April, 2022

‘Vintage’ and ‘port’ are two words that resonate in every wine lover’s mind, just as, perhaps, ‘classed’ and ‘growth’ do for every fan of Bordeaux. They conjure up wines that will vary from year to year, but both are terroir treats …

Malmo tasting

Scandi Noir

11 April, 2022

Just what is it about champagne and Scandinavia? The crystalline air; the purity of vision, the taste for luxury? Who knows? One thing is for sure; between them the Scandi countries can offer three of the great fizz experts of …

Uspallata vineyards

Chasing Altitude in Argentina

11 April, 2022

In a country with one of the world’s most important mountain chains providing the entire western frontier, it’s no surprise that altitude plays a major role in Argentina’s wines. Over three-quarters of Argentina’s vineyards are situated at the foothills of …

Sicily vineyards with record player

Grapetionary: Wine Grapes A-Z

16 March, 2022

Welcome back as we continue our wend around the alphabet of wine grapes. Last time around, we departed from the usual list of known varieties and detoured through Germany (twice) and Mallorca, Spain, as three sommeliers enlightened us on Dornfelder, …

Natural Wine

Natural Wine: from counterculture to mainstream

16 March, 2022

As the adage goes, what’s old inevitably becomes new again. Such a case could be argued for the category of natural wine. Though the style has existed for thousands of years (both intentionally and accidentally), it’s only recently that it’s …

Gonzague Lurton at Durfort-Vivens

Bringing Margaux to Life (Part Two)

15 March, 2022

Gonzague Lurton at Durfort-Vivens It is often said that the wines of Margaux are more perfumed and less powerful than those from Saint-Estèphe, Saint-Julien and Pauillac, but within the appellation the wines vary still further in style due to the …

Bottles of Bordeaux

Bringing Margaux to Life (Part One)

15 March, 2022

There are 15 second growths in the 1855 Bordeaux classification and one-third of them come from Margaux. Wouldn’t it be fun to hold a Margaux party, and invite Durfort-Vivens, Brane-Cantenac, Rauzan-Ségla, Rauzan-Gassies and Lascombes – the five second growths – …

Steven Spurrier in cellar

Goodbye to Steven

8 March, 2022

To commemorate the first anniversary of Steven Spurrier’s death, we’re republishing Susan Keevil’s personal tribute from last year. ‘A wonderful man.’ ‘Such a great optimist!’ ‘He always raised the tone at any gathering he attended.’ ‘The quintessential man of wine.’ …

Steven Spurrier in Vineyard

In Memory of Steven Spurrier

8 March, 2022

Watching Steven Spurrier taste a wine was like watching a tea master sip tea. Steven didn’t rush. He didn’t chew his wines and start scribbling notes right away. He considered wine slowly. He held a wine glass as a violinist …

Wynns Coonawarra image

Exploring the Winning Heights of Coonawarra

15 February, 2022

During a time when vineyards are reaching for higher heights, Coonawarra stands proudly and firmly with its feet on the ground, producing a range of supremely iconic wines while still located on a relatively flat Australian landscape. The secret to …