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Newcomers in Carema

29 November, 2021

If I were to paraphrase the famous David Bowie song ‘Life on Mars’ by asking ‘Is there life on Canavese?, I could now answer the question this way: ‘Of course there is! Definitely yes! There is plenty of new wine …

Wine tasting with Francis Burn, the winemaker at Domaine Ernest Burn

Whatever Happened to Gewurztraminer?

26 November, 2021

Ah, the complexities of Gewurztraminer! With the rise in popularity of light, dry, food-friendly wines, not many people seem to drink it these days. To find out more about this iconic grape and what we’ve all been missing out on, …

2021 Sherry week

International Sherry Week 2021

10 November, 2021

Whoever would have thought that sherry’s change in fortune would come about due to the onset of a global pandemic? True, the lure of Andalucía has always been strong. True, the quality of sherry – especially the dry sherries – …

marco nardi

Somms on California: Winning over the Sceptics

19 October, 2021

Forty-five years after that legendary ‘Judgement of Paris’, Californian wine is firmly established amongst the globe’s greatest, yet scepticism is by no means uncommon among wine enthusiasts. Committed to championing the likes of Napa and Sonoma, a trio of California-loving …

California Vineyard, Sonoma Mountain AVA

How the California Wine Industry is Proactively Responding to Climate Change

19 October, 2021

‘For anyone who is doubtful about climate change, just spend some time in a wine grape vineyard,’ states a winemaker in Mendocino County, California. ‘Because of the increasing temperatures, the grapes are ripening two to three weeks earlier than they …

2021 Golden Vine Scholars Erna Blancquaert and Angela Elizabeth Scott

The Winners of the Golden Vines Awards

12 October, 2021

I attended the press event for the Golden Vines Awards on 7th October 2021, which included the inaugural Diversity Scholarships, supported by the Gerard Basset Foundation. These are awards of £55,000 to two BAME/BIPOC students who are studying for the …

California webinar

Wine Webinar Series: Road Trip – On the California Wine Road with Clare Tooley

28 September, 2021

Join us for the first in a series of wine lectures. California is one of the world’s most interesting and prestigious wine regions. Clare Tooley MW will guide you around the state from south to north, discussing the wines and …

Blackbook winery under the arches in Battersea in London

Urban Wineries

17 September, 2021

Urban wineries are a growing trend. The earliest were started up in the United States, particularly in California, about 20 years ago, but are now to be found all over the country, and the concept has spread, to Europe, Hong …


Emulating Greatness

17 September, 2021

History repeats itself, we are told. If this were true for wine, however, we would immediately lose the magic that captures our imagination and keeps us coming back year after year to taste wines made in special places to debate …

Aubert de Villaine image

Reaching the Eternal – an interview with Aubert de Villaine

16 September, 2021

What three words would you choose to describe the wine of Romanée-Conti? If you’ve never had the opportunity to taste this iconic wine, expressions of chagrin such as ‘far too expensive’ or ‘not my league’ might come to mind. When …

Zuccardi, Mendoza

Let us be Franc

26 August, 2021

Global plantings of Cabernet Franc cover around 60,000 hectares, with just over half of these total vineyard holdings seen in France. Although the grape variety’s origins purport to Basque heritage, most will associate Cabernet Franc with one of the many …

Tank Garage Winery

California Wine: It’s All a Dream

24 August, 2021

A 50th Anniversary is a big deal not only for couples and businesses but also for California wineries. Throughout 2022, neither fires nor earthquakes will prevent two dozen wineries from celebrating their 50th harvest. In 2023 and over the following …