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Bordeaux La Tupina food shot

Bordeaux for Lunch

19 November, 2020

A lunchtime claret. I can’t think of another wine that is associated with a meal in quite the same way. It says something both about the wine, the meal and the diner, who is almost certainly of a certain age …

A couple drinking Sherry Cobbler

From Sherry Cobbler to Rebujito

28 October, 2020

In common with many drinks that enjoy international fame, sherry has, in its history, formed the basis for cocktail or aperitif type drinks. The two most famous are the Sherry Cobbler and the Rebujito. In May 2007, I published an …

Eduardo Chadwick and Robert Mondavi

The Judgement of Berlin, 23rd January 2004

15 October, 2020

Eduardo Chadwick and Robert Mondavi Photo credit: Sena Winery When I received an invitation from Eduardo Chadwick to attend a tasting of vintages from his three flagship wines – Dom Maximiano, Seña and Viñedo Chadwick – to be held in …

Sherry week logo 2020

Sherry: Raise a glass together

14 October, 2020

As we move seamlessly from fino and manzanilla into autumn’s call of amontillado and palo cortado, do our minds turn south to Jerez where today’s temperature is 30˚C as opposed to the UK where it is 15˚C? Do we yearn …

The Judgement of Paris judges

The Judgement of Paris, The Historic 1976 Tasting that Revolutionized Wine

4 September, 2020

The judges’ table at the Judgement of Paris, which took place in Paris on 24th May 1976 Such was the title of George M Taber’s book, published in 2005 by Scribner and never out of print. It features California and …

Alheit Vineyards

The New Life of Chenin Blanc

3 September, 2020

Alheit Vineyards It is doubtful that there has been a greater transformation – in terms of quality, reputation and price – in any wine-producing country in the past three decades than in Cape Chenin Blanc. In 1990 it was the …

vintage car

Important Reminders

3 September, 2020

That most readable of wine wordsmiths, Johnny Ray of the Spectator, caught my eye (again) last month. Empty wine bottles were the subject. Recycling was the context. Putting on a different spin, as it were, I used to jettison the …

Domaine des Chenes image

Love Them Doux – Why are Vins Doux Naturels so under-appreciated?

2 July, 2020

Roussillon is the home of a vinous delight that is sadly underrated and under-appreciated. I am talking about vin doux, or to give it its generic and rather cumbersome name, vins doux naturels.

Ronan Sayburn and Fiona Morrison

Fiona Morrison MW Meets Ronan Sayburn MS

1 July, 2020

In between writing up her tasting notes for Bordeaux’ 2019 En Primeurs (‘Gorgeous wines’), Fiona Morrison has had a busy week spreading the news about the latest version of 10 Great Wine Families – A Tour Through Europe. Her book, …

Steven Spurrier image

Tales of Michael Broadbent

1 July, 2020

A few weeks ago I gave a webinar to the members of 67 Pall Mall on the theme of ‘Tales of Michael Broadbent’. Michael has been my inspiration and my mentor throughout my life in wine, and it made perfect …

200yr old Sherry

Famous Faces and Names

1 July, 2020

I was nearly blown off my sherry ladder last month. Reorganizing my wine cellar, I came across a neatly hand-written label stating ‘Mid 19th century Sherry’. Sourced via La Vigneronne, this piece of vinous history had kindly been given to …


Spring Scents

28 May, 2020

For many of us, this Corona time is as if someone had pushed the pause button on our lives.   I don’t think I have spent two months in a row at home for at least a decade and our mutual …