Advance notice 2

And at the end of January, Michael Broadbent’s son Bartholomew – CEO of US-based Broadbent Selections Inc and almost universally known as ‘Bollew’ – followed up with this post on Instagram:

“Very exciting news! Remember this book? First published in 1968 then continuously for about 30 years? It is being re-published this year by Steven Spurrier as the first in a series of books for Académie du Vin Collection. Wine Tasting was the first book to offer a structured approach to wine tasting and, though the wine world has changed, structured tasting hasn’t. There will be two big changes: An expanded glossary of wine terms, including translated terms into other languages, and a new chapter about my father written by others. This will include a tribute from Hugh Johnson, subheadings of Michael Broadbent as Mentor (written by Jancis Robinson, Steven Spurrier and the late Gerard Basset); Auctioneer (written by Paul Bowker and Fritz Hatton); Artist (written by Charles Marsden-Smedley); Musician (written by Professor Jonathan Freeman-Attwood CBE, Principal of the Royal Academy of Music); Father (me, interviewed by Sarah Kemp). They are all very enlightening and entertaining. The aim is for it to be out in time for my father’s 92nd birthday on May 2nd. We’ll be selling the books in the USA, let me know if you want one!”

Martin Preston