3 for £49 Sherry, Wine tasting and 10 Great Wine Families

3 brilliant wine books 

Buy three of our titles in one go at a bargain price!

The Original: Wine Tasting is a must-read for anyone making a serious study of wine. First published in 1968, Michael Broadbent’s masterpiece later became the basis for the WSET’s Systematic Approach to Wine Tasting – and although times have changed, it still provides a brilliantly concise overview of the subject. The Commemorative Edition includes contributions from Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson MW, Steven Spurrier and friends.

Family Matters: 10 Great Wine Families provides an intimate portrait of 10 of Europe’s foremost winemaking families from the unique viewpoint of one of their own. Fiona Morrison-Thienpont MW, whose own family makes the fabled Le Pin, explores what it takes to pass down winemaking expertise and maintain superb quality from generation to generation, and examines some of the pressing issues that currently face wine growers worldwide.

Sherry anyone?: Sherry: Maligned, Misunderstood, Magnificent!  lifts the lid on one of wine’s best-kept secrets. It explains why this much-maligned drink is set to make a magnificent comeback. Self-confessed sherry fanatic Ben Howkins has been involved with Jerez’s finest for most of his adult life. Few people know more about the wonderful wines maturing away in its dusty bodegas. Why leave them all to granny? After reading Ben’s book, we’re sure you’ll agree!


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