Trade Partners

Are you a wine educator, winery or wine merchant with customers who might like to buy our books? Are you in a part of the world that’s expensive or difficult to ship to from the UK or the US, but with an easily reachable group of enthusiastic customers on your doorstep? In that case, why not become an Académie du Vin Library trade partner and sell our books direct?

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Buy from us at a discount

We ship to trade partners in bulk. Discounts start at 20% and go up depending on quantity and range. For more details on terms, please contact Hermione Ireland at the email below.

Sell at the price of your choice

You can sell our books for whatever price you like, so long as you don’t undercut the website price. That’s a great deal for your customers, because they save on shipping & handling. And it’s a great deal for you, because if they’re with you to learn about or buy wine, they’re more likely to buy our books, too!

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Easy terms

We understand that it may take time to get your customers familiar with the idea of buying books from you, so we’ll invoice you at the time of shipping but give you 30 days to pay.

Alternatively, if you are an independent boutique or gift store, you can buy our stock from Ankorstore, the new platform for upmarket food, home, gift and children’s products from small publishers and manufacturers like us. Visit our brand page here.

Interested in becoming a trade partner? Please contact Hermione Ireland for more details and let’s get started!

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