Classic Wine Library


The Classic Wine Library is a set of wine books for professionals, wine enthusiasts and armchair travellers. It has a long heritage, stretching back more than 60 years to the first publication of Sherry, by Julian Jeffs. The series in its current guise has been published since 2013 and in 2023 found a new home with Académie du Vin Library. It contains more than 30 titles already (including the sixth edition of Sherry) and is growing every year. Whether you want to increase your knowledge about famed wine regions in the heart of Europe, New World heavyweights such as South Africa and Australia or emerging producers like Japan and southwest USA there is no more authoritative source of information on wine.


Our books are indispensable guides to the regions covered and their wines. They are designed to enlighten and entertain those serious about wine (and a few other drinks too). The books are detailed enough to provide plenty of information – much of which is not available anywhere else – for students of wine, sommeliers and others who work in the wine industry, but accessible enough to be enjoyed by anybody with an enthusiasm for wine. All our authors are expert in their subject. Many are Masters of Wine and all have years of experience in the wine industry. Not only that, but the whole series is curated by an editorial board. James Tidwell MS, Sarah Jane Evans MW and Richard Mayson are all well known in the wine industry and their expertise and opinions are widely respected. Each title is commissioned based on their recommendations and the manuscript assessed thoroughly by one or more of the editorial board before being published. We believe this rigorous approach makes our wine books uniquely authoritative: in a world of dubious information The Classic Wine Library is one resource serious wine lovers and professionals can really trust.

“I take my hat off to the editorial team curating the Classic Wine Library series … The content is rich in fact and detail, meticulously researched, and written with a sense of connection. They’re serious books … but accessible to the non-professional wine lover and very easily used as a wine travel guide.”
– Tamlyn Currin,