• Port and the Douro (5th edition)
  • Port and the Douro (5th edition)
  • Port and the Douro (5th edition)
  • Port and the Douro (5th edition)
  • Format:Paperback
  • ISBN:9781913141608
  • Publication Date:30-06-2024
  • Pages:426

Port and the Douro (5th edition)

Richard Mayson

Port and the Douro (5th edition)

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‘The only book on port and the Douro worth having’

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Richard Mayson’s comprehensive classic Port and the Douro is now in its fifth edition. In the 25 years since the first edition was published there have been changes in the vineyard, the cellar and in the way the Port industry itself is organized. In this edition we encounter the world of Port as it enters a new period of flux, driven by climate change and the impact it is having on the region. Sustainability has become critical as growers and the industry seek to undo the mistakes of the past in order to make the vineyards and the trade fit for an increasingly unpredictable future. Yet Port continues to produce classic vintages – with those produced since the previous edition of the book being of a high standard. Consumer interest is shifting towards the premium Port categories, paticularly the tawny Ports, and the drink continues to fascinate wine-lovers.



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Richard Mayson entered the UK wine trade in 1984 and spent five years working for the Wine Society. His first book, the award-winning Portugal’s Wines and Wine-Makers, was published in 1992. Port and the Douro, published in 1999, was shortlisted for the André Simon Award and the second edition, published in 2004, won the Symington Award of Excellence. In 2003 The Wines and Vineyards of Portugal won the André Simon Award for Drinks Book of the Year. In 2014 Richard was Louis Roederer International Wine Feature Writer of the Year and in 2015 Madeira: The islands and their wines was shortlisted for the André Simon Award. Richard chairs the Port and Madeira panel for the Decanter World Wine Awards and lectures to students at Leith’s School of Food and Wine in London. In 1999 he became a Cavaleiro of the Confraria do Vinho do Porto.


‘The books that taught me about wine were about places and people. It’s the history and stories about a wine that bring it to life and make it worth talking about.’

– Steven Spurrier