• Sake and the wines of Japan
  • Sake and the wines of Japan
  • Sake and the wines of Japan
  • Sake and the wines of Japan
  • Format:Paperback
  • ISBN:9781913141790
  • Publication Date:29-10-2018

Sake and the wines of Japan

Anthony Rose

Sake and the wines of Japan

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Sake, Japan's rice-based national drink, can be confusing to the wine scholar. Anthony Rose's new book brings clarity to the subject with explanations of the history, cultural significance, brewing methods and industry structure. A thorough analysis of the drink's signature flavours follows along with detailed profiles of the most important producers.

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Award-winning wine and sake critic Anthony Rose writes for Decanter, The World of Fine Wine, Financial Times How to Spend It online and The Oxford Companion to Wine. He is co-chair of the Australia panel at the Decanter World Wine Awards and the Sake International Challenge in Tokyo and teaches a sake consumer course at Sake No Hana in London. A founder of The Wine Gang (www.thewinegang.com), he was the wine correspondent of the print version of the Independent from start to finish (1986–2016).

‘The books that taught me about wine were about places and people. It’s the history and stories about a wine that bring it to life and make it worth talking about.’

– Steven Spurrier